Hula Hoop. Childish or Reinvented Fun


The Hula hoop. Remember hula hooping? When I was 8, it was the jam. I was the slip n slide/roller skate/ jump rope/ hula hooping queen in my Rainbow Brite tee shirt in my family’s suburban Wisconsin and then Illinois backyards. My childhood hula hoop was sparkly and pink and made that shh sssushh sshhussh sound with every twirl. It was fun and I could spend hours hula hooping and jump roping (skipping rope to you Aussies).
And then it wasn’t cool anymore to do such lame, childish things. Thank goodness for the hippies and hipsters! Have you had a look at lately? There are so many custom, cute, professional hula hoops with all the glow in the dark bells and whistles! I should have gotten one of the $30 hoops from the Earth Frequency festival when I had the chance. These hippies were spinning with giant smiles in their neon, groovy hoops to their own rhythm with psy-trance in the background.
And I say, why not? What a fantastic way to trim the waist and gain a bigger smile!
Yesterday I got a simple, no frills plastic one from KMart for $4. It isn’t great, but it makes that shush shush sssushh sound.

Thinking back to the principle of Play from Primal Blue Print, the hula hoop can add to activities like handstands and jump roping that aid in inadvertent exercise. Why not be a kid again? It brings on laughter, smiles, and happiness. Also, what about roller skating? Remember that? Rollerblading became uncool, but Roller Derby has never been so popular. I’m not sure I would be good at it, but I know I’ll be in the front row, cheering on my friend Kuy kick some derby ass!

Now if only I had a Slip n Slide…

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