A-Z Veg of the Day: Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg is really only good for two things only: 1. Food for backyard ducks and chickens 2. A vehicle for lettuce wraps

Many yo-yo dieters turn to iceberg as their main salad option, then wonder why they get bored, hate salad, and devour a Big Mac, super sized fries, and Cheetos. The most common recipe that has been suggested for i is, “a nice, healthy iceberg wedge salad with creamy blue cheese dressing!” to which my response has been,


And that’s another thing with salads, why eat a salad to drown it in a condiment? Go on, have some mesclun greens. Welcome to the dark side of salad greens, we have flavour. And more nutrients.
Granted, iceberg does actually have some potassium and folate. So it isn’t a total waste of produce.

Back to those lettuce wraps! I get these moments of being incredibly homesick and miss everything about USA. Right now, the cost of living in Brisbane is sky rocketing. $1.62/litre of fuel, $7+ train fare (most expensive in the world), a $300 electricity bill for a one bedroom apartment with no aircon are all making me sad. I’m still bitter about the fact Monopoly is $38 at Target. The other night, we went to a burger place comparable to say, Los Angeles’ Umami Burger, (in quality & popularity, but not awesomeness) for dinner- one burger, one salad, water, and a Lemon Lime & Bitters, the bill was $40. You know what I miss? PF Changs. I miss the suburban, corporate owned chain beasts outside giant malls with that one menu item everyone likes.
Last night I was in the mood for lettuce wraps.
For a great copy-cat recipe of Pf Chang style wraps, this is a good one:

Last night, I didn’t opt for chicken because of my pms fueled, emotional anemia and cravings for chocolate, red meat, and red wine. So,

The Quick Beef Paleo Asian Lettuce Wraps
500g (1lb) Mince sirloin
1-2 tbsp Coconut amino, to replace soy sauce
1 tbsp Oyster sauce
Thumb sized piece of ginger, peeled and grated
2 cloves of garlic
Black pepper and chilli to taste
Handful of Mushrooms

Slice and sauté mushrooms before adding to mince.
Brown the beef in skillet. When almost cooked through, drain fats. Add remaining ingredients including mushrooms and cook through.

Serve with rinsed, dry iceberg leaves.
I didn’t make a sauce with these as I was just too lazy and hungry. So fresh tomatoes kind of gave these an Asian low carb taco feel. And it was great.


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